Frequently Asked Questions

What Information is needed to obtain a quote for service?

We aim to provide accurate quotes and avoid surprises for both sides. The initial information that we will request is:

  1. Description of your business, how many years you have been in operation, year end date.

  2. Existing ledger set-up and details. If you are already set up in a cloud based environment, you can give us access as collaborators to get the information ourselves; we are happy to sign a non-Disclosure Agreement prior to the information being released to us.

  3. Total number of bank accounts; volume of transactions per month (max and average for historical months and expected for the future); currencies.

  4. Payroll set up: Number of employees (current and forecasted in the next year), type of earnings and deductions, pay period schedule, any other relevant information.

  5. Schedule for HST remittances

  6. Volume of Accounts Receivable and Payable per month

What will the quote be comprised of and how does your pricing work?

We operate on a flat monthly fee structure billed on the 1st business day of the month. The monthly fee will include the services and reimbursement of expenses for payroll processing, file storage, accounting application (as per the pricing package), and any other applications you would like to set you up in; additionally, an onboarding fee will apply for the first billing.

Any services outside of the scope of work (special projects, year end related services), will be billed additionally on an hourly basis; if your company grows faster than anticipated, we will revise the initial quote. We won't incur in additional service charges or increase your base fee without your approval.

What happens once we sign up?

There will be some documents that you will need to sign:

  1. Agreement of Services

  2. RC59 (for which we will need your business number). Link to RC59 CRA website

  3. Payroll forms for employer and employees, if applicable

The first step will be to introduce you to your account representative, who will become your best friend on the very first day of onboarding, following up on the documents for you to sign as well as ask some more questions to ensure that deadlines for payroll, taxes and other payments are met during the transition.

Your account representative will also coordinate your set up or migration of accounting, archives, payroll and any other systems as per your contract; we will also perform a cut-over data reconciliation to ensure that all the information has been provided to us to bring your bookkeeping up to date.

You may feel overwhelmed during this process depending on the shape of your books and if there are parallel deadlines to be taken care of during the transition. Keep in mind this is a one time process and that after the onboarding has been completed, we will be in great shape to take care of your bookkeeping and back office needs and let you focus on your business...The onboarding will feel like a bad dream! However, feel free to reach out if you need a friend to help you get through this phase; our aim is to complete the onboarding within a month, but if your regular operations allow for more time, we can slow down for you.

What happens if my company grows?

We grow with you!

As your company expands, volumes and complexity increase, new hires are brought on board and your back office needs change we change the service offering to accommodate those needs. We can add additional reporting, increase frequency of processing, complete all the paperwork for new employees, ensure your changing filing requirements are being met and help integrate new systems and processes.

Our pricing model is based on workload not the top line of your business. If your revenue and profitability increases but the workload for us does not, that’s fantastic! We won’t change a thing! If the workload increases in line with your expansion our pricing is tailored for that growth. All pricing changes will be presented for discussion and approval before any change is implemented.

Who is my contact point at Scalability?

Each client has a dedicated account representative from day 1. Your account representative looks after all day to day aspects of your account and is the primary contact for any of your back office needs.

If your account representative is away we provide coverage within our team so you won’t notice a difference until their return.

How can I contact my account representative?

Depending on your needs there are various ways to contact your representative:

  • e-mail directly

  • video conference

  • instant messenger

  • phone (best way in case of emergency)

We have a controller/CFO in house, how do your services compliment this resource?

Very well! When you hire a CFO or controller it is usually because you have strategic financial and operational needs that you want to dedicate resources to. These resources are expensive and therefore their time is best utilized analyzing results, issues and focusing on driving the business forward, not on book keeping, processing payroll, sales tax returns and expense reports.

Let us do the day to day processing, provide the completed information and data to your internal senior resource to approve and use as they need!

Can you prepare my year end tax return and financial statements?

Unfortunately no – tax is a complex and ever changing environment. Experts spend their time keeping up to date with and interpreting tax legislation to be able to provide detailed and tailored advice to their clients. Tax planning and advisory services are a strategic investment in your company and we believe these services should be performed by qualified experts that focus on these areas within their practice daily.

If you need an accountant we can definitely recommend one of the fantastic firms in our network. If you already have an accountant, even better – we will work directly with them at year end to get the information they need to be able to prepare your year end financials and tax return in a timely manner.

What are the operating hours of Scalability?

Our office is open EST 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday. We are closed for Canadian statutory holidays.